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Cape Cod Mini Split Cleaning Services


Cape Cod Mini Split Cleaning

We offer mini split cleaning for both residential and commercial customers.

Mini Split systems consist of standard high wall heads, ceiling cassettes, floor consoles, and outdoor condensers. These systems are becoming more and more common as they require less space than a conventional central air system and provide local government rebates. Debris can build up on the unit's coil and blower wheel making the system less efficient.  We provide full service cleaning.

PTAC Cleaning
Cape Cod Mini Split Cleaning

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner.

We offer advanced cleaning for PTAC units. We safely remove the unit from the wall sleeve and clean the evaporator coil, condensing coil, condensate pan,

filters, and clean the housing before placing the unit back into the wall sleeve.

Cape Cod Mini Split Cleaning

Air Exchanger systems circulate air in and out of your home.  It's purpose is to remove the stale air from inside the facility and move it outside while fresh air from outside is sent inside. A clean unit is essential to efficient, productive operation.


  • We clean the cabinet, filters and core.

Cape Cod Mini Split Cleaning

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Should you require more information about our services,
please don't hesitate to call us.  We are always here to assist you.

Cape Cod Mini Split Cleaning


Cape Cod Mini Split Cleaning
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